How to stay Chic in a Snowstorm

The East Coast is about to get hit with snowstorm Jonas (hehehe) . We are urged to stay inside and off the roads. I say go have some fun, be a kid, throw a snowball, but be chic as well!!

The snow is going to fall and so are the temperatures. What part of your body should be the most warm? Your feet. The big trend this year is boots over the knee. If by chance you are a big kid like myself who loves to play in the snow, movement is very important. Sorel makes great fashionable snow boots. Yes, they are a bit clunky however your feet stay warm and they are waterproof.




Knit sweaters are a winter wardrobe staple. SO why not add a pair of knit leggings. I purchased a similar pair of American Eagle leggings for my sister for Christmas…. went back a week later to purchase a pair for myself. They are very warm and very light weight.




The king of HEATTECH Fleece is Uniqlo. If you don’t know who they are please do yourself a favor and look them up. They provide the basics in an array of colors for the whole family. I love this Long Sleeve Fleece Turtleneck because it comes in 10 colors. My favorite color shown is 75 Purple.



Invest in a warm winter coat that you can have for years and years to come. There are a million or maybe not a million, but a lot of brands to choose from. A very popular brand for obvious reasons is Canada Goose .



To add the cherry on top in the words of our moms “don’t forget your hat, scarf and gloves.” “Yes mom.” 3 important features about these The North Face gloves are breathability, insulation and most importantly waterproof.



Here is a 2 for 1. A scarf can be used for your neck as well as your face.  As you can see I have a theme going on..its all about fleece. The North Face Denali Thermal Scarf comes in 8 vibrant colors.

Last but not least cover your head and all your gorgeous hair. Snow is not something you want in your hair. To keep your head warm try one of these The North Face Denali Thermal Fleece hats. 8 vibrant colors to match your scarf.

Stay warm!

How to wear a romper in the winter

Thursday, January 14th was my birthday and I decided to break all the “rules.” I wore a romper and white shoes. To be more specific I wore a velvet romper and white booties. The days of wearing shorts only in the summer and no white shoes after Labor Day are over!



I LOVE a statement earring especially from J.Crew . While in Soho I stumbled upon a cute boutique and found this Honey Punch “It’s Just A Lil’ Crush Velvet Romper”. I love the description. My tights are a vintage steal! The shoes, my white Steve Madden booties were a perfect addition.

“How can I wear this outfit in the winter”….Make sure you wear tights. I live in NYC and it is now 22 degrees outside. Yes, 22. To keep warm wear a long heavy coat and layer with a hat, scarf and gloves. Stay chic and warm!

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Happy Birthday

Today is January 14, 2016 and its my birthday. I have accomplished a lot, but I am ready to accomplish more. Its a new age, new year with new possibilities. Keep reading…I promise to always keep you not only inform, but entertain!


This is me at 5 years old in my private school uniform. I always wore some type of accessory in my hair. I still do now.

I LOVE Denim

My birthday is this Thursday January 14th! To start the celebration I’ve decided to do and wear some of my favorite things. One of my favorite things to wear is DENIM. From low end at Old Navy to premium by 3×1 I could wear denim everyday all day.

I purchased this Topshop dress in the fall and its been sitting in my closet. “I’m going to wear it, I’m going to wear it.” Finally I’ve worn it. I decided to style my denim overall dress with a collarless tuxedo white shirt. I am a fan of white shirts. You can NEVER EVER EVER have too many. Boots are huge in the winter, especially black and over the knee. As you may already know I love a statement earring. I pulled the whole outfit together with a pair of  vintage circular black and white button earrings and an oversized velvet bow barrette.InstaSize_0111120332InstaSize_0111120616


Here you can create a similar look.

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Color of the year

Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe its 2016. A new year with new opportunities means a new color of the year. Pantone Color Institute has decided on 2 colors Rose Quartz and Serenity. “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves” Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director.


I know you are thinking…How do I incorporate these colors into my current wardrobe? Are these colors only for the spring? Glad you asked! The easiest way….add an Accessory.


Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Nora crossbody bag for $198


J.Crew Beaded Rose Necklace $138


ASOS Lightning Studded Ballet Flats $51


Forever21 Curved Faux Gemstone Studs $3.90

With temperatures in the 20’s sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves are just another way to incorporate the colors of the year into your current wardrobe.



Ann Taylor Loft Cozy Open Cardigan $64.50


Eugenia Kim Ice blue chunky wool hand-knit turban headband $100


Diane von Furstenberg Grace Modal Printed Scarf in Denim Window Pane $168



Zara Knit Gloves with PomPom $9.99

Stay warm!