Books…Fashion Books

If you live in or visit New York City there is one place you must visit Strands Bookstore . This place is definitely NY’s best kept secret. I learned about this bookstore in my early teenage years and the rest is history. You can literally spend hours and hours and hours searching the rows of books.

My favorite section of Strands is the Fashion section. There are books about every designer imaginable….Chanel….Schiaparelli…McQueen the list of names are endless. The best part about this bookstore are the prices. You pay a fraction of the retail price!

On my recent trip I decided to pick up GRACE A Memoir by Grace Coddington. Grace formerly known as the Creative Director of Vogue Magazine decided to step down and take the role as Creative Director at Large. For many that means nothing, but for the fashion industry this is a big deal. Instead of 12 or more editorials a year she will only style 4 and take on other projects. The breakout star of the hit movie The September Issue has been Creative Director for 28 years (thats most of my life).

I love the color of the book. Its synonyms to the color of Grace’s hair……orange. She is an avid illustrator so no surprise there are a lot of pictures hand drawn throughout the book.


Grace Coddington


Fashion Industry Friends. Can you name them?



I can’t wait to dive in. Be sure to check back to read my thoughts!


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