Wardrobe Essentials: The White Shirt

Carolina Herrera said it best “trends may come and go, but nothing will ever beat a white shirt.” I totally agree. There is nothing like a crisp white shirt. Whether high-end or low-end you can’t have too many. Whether you wash or dry clean white shirts come in different styles and in different lengths.

Spring is in full swing (even though the weather says otherwise) and what better way to welcome this new season by upgrading my white shirt crew. I made a trip to good ‘ole Zara and this shirt was calling me! I like the classic collar, the length is a bit short. However the fine line pleats are what said “buy me buy me.”



I love color especially color blocking  (a How To post coming soon)  so I paired the white shirt with an Orange Diamond Weave Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor .


Ann Taylor skirt $24.88

My African head wrap is mainly the color mustard with hints of dusty blue and white. I decided to wear Makara Dusty Blue Nina Shoes .




 Nina Shoes $49.99

To keep in theme with the color of my head wrap I paired the entire outfit with a Faux Leather High Yellow Jacket from Zara . I love the belt detailing.


 Zara jacket $69.90



To complete the whole outfit I cam carrying a Cooperative Mini Luggage Crossbody Bag in Pink from Urban Outfitters .



Now go out and buy yourself a new white shirt…you deserve it!

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How To Dress Up Sweatpants

Yes, you’ve read correctly. There is a way to actually dress up sweatpants and I will show you. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Sweatpants are typically worn to workout, run errands or for comfort. However with our ever-changing fashion cycle Athleisure has introduced a way to wear your leggings, sweatshirts or track pants to more formal or business like occasions.

Rule #1 Your coordinating pieces should be dressy.

Remember the goal is to dress up sweatpants not dress down. I choose an H&M tuxedo blazer. The wide leg  grey sweatpants from Adidas were too long, so I decided to wear a pair of black patent leather heels.





Rule #2 Give a wow moment when you take your blazer off!

A frilled poplin corporate blue  Zara shirt looks great. Remember you are dressing up the sweatpants.  It looks like I have on a simple blue dress shirt. However when I take the blazer off there is that aha moment.


Yes, I was smiling !




Rule #3 Have fun in outfit!!!

Take a selfie, share with your friends…. it’s not everyday you will wear sweatpants and heels.

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Photographer Faith S. Brown




Kate Spade Home Pop Up Shop 

Despite what The Almanac says Spring has Sprung in NYC. It was almost 80 degrees and it felt great! Warm weather means less layers and more time outside.

While in SoHo I had to visit the  Kate Spade Home Pop Up Shop . We’re not talking about the usual bags, accessories, stationary etc. The same cuteness in those items has been transformed to Housewares and Bedding with sprinkles of Stationary.


If you look closely the lady in the floral dress is the Creative Director Deborah Lloyd 

When you enter into the shop you are greeted by a well organized table and a guest book.


Yes, the table is for sale!

I called this table the Tree of Housewares. I wanted every single item on this table. However, the Wall of Stationary with the gold pens were calling my name.


Everything was soo nicely placed I didn’t want to touch the table.


Pens $25 for 6 (free booklet)

If only our Dining Room tables could look this picturesque all the time. I love the pink shoes hanging on the chair. Behind the table is a chest full of the most adorable china.


Of course the pink heels are Kate Spade!



I think my favorite part of the whole pop up shop is the Kitchen. Its colorful, fun and what everyone wishes their kitchen looked like. Again everything was placed soo strategically I didn’t want to touch anything. Surprisingly you were encouraged to touch and feel the product.


EVERYTHING is for sale except for the stove. 


Never forget you’re “Adding The Sauce”.


No caption needed lol

Near the Kitchen in the far right corner is a chair that took my breath away. I love all colors, but my favorite color of all time is pink…..Any shade of pink. The furniture is for sale, special order only.


Alex, I’ll take the chair, pillow and shoes for $200. 

The very last part of this experience is the Bedroom. All the bedding is sold on the shelves. The end and coffee tables, lamps and bed frame are special order. The floral shoes on the bottom right are currently sold in stores.


I wanted to lay on the bed….OK  I actually wanted to jump on the bed, but I had to contain myself. A sales associate volunteered to take my picture.


Say cheese 



Complimentary Postcards


Complimentary Postcards


Complimentary Postcards


The Kate Spade Home Pop Up Shop is located at 411 West Broadway in SoHo New York. The hours of operation are as follow Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 11am-7pm. The shop closes May 31st. For more information….212.343.1101





I Heart Henri Bendel

I recently took a trip to one of my favorite stores  Henri Bendel. If you are ever in New York City I highly recommend taking a visit. Bendels is like a playground just for girls. Bags, rings, sunglasses oh my!

Every so often I look at my business card holder and card case and feel the need to make an upgrade. I love the brown and white stripes. Its a bold pattern and yet sophisticated at the same time. A current feature is monograming . You are able to get up to 3 letters such as your initials, but I love my 1st name soo much  I requested HOPE instead.



The business card holder is perfect in fabrication, weight and dimensions. A standard business card fits smoothly inside. To close the holder just push down on the snap and your cards are safe and secure.



The card case is very sleek with 3 slots. On the very top there is an extra slot. Its very slender in width which makes it easy to fit anywhere!




Check out these items and more at http://www.henribendel.com .

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Happy Fashion Leap Year

Today’s forecast was 57 degrees . Yes, it’s still winter, however Spring is making a sneak peek. Look into your closet and get ready to shed some clothes. With today’s nice weather it is also a Leap Year! Every 4 years instead of 365 days, we get an extra day to be fashionable, an extra day to be fabulous and an extra day to enjoy life and have fun!

In honor of Leap Year here are 2.29 items you need right now, like now.

  1. Every so often I look at my bags and say I need a new bag. A bag that is bold in color, can be used as a cross body and a satchel. Zac Zac Posen Eartha Top-Handle Satchel is the perfect bag. This bag can be worn during any season.



2. A mini dress with long sleeves in red, white and black. Yes, please! Designer Melody Ehsani teamed up with Reebok and created ME x Reebok . This dress is perfect for cold winter nights and cool spring days.




.29 The brand Converse has produced the most iconic sneakers for decades. High top, low top white or black they are here to stay.  Comme des Garcon PLAY has teamed up with Converse to create a sleek sneaker with their signature logo. Put on a pair of jeans or dress pants and PLAY!



What will I write about Leap Year 2020?

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