Embellishments + White Vans=DIY

Have you ever looked at your old white sneakers and just wanted to throw them away? STOP, step back from the trash can. You are about to get rid of your treasure. Take your white sneakers, dust them off and hit your local craft store.

I’ve had theses Vans for over a year. They are scuffed up and dirty, but I just couldn’t throw them away.


white Vans


Embellished sneakers were all over the Spring 2016 runway. SO I decided to create my own pair. While at the craft store I purchased a bag of jewels and 2 of the letter “H” patches for the 1st initial of my first name … of course. I already own the lip patches.

Materials: a pair of sneakers, patches, craft jewels and fabric glue.




Step 1

Before you glue the patches on the sneakers, take each patch and style your sneaker. You don’t want to glue the patches on because they are very hard to take off. Take a picture of each shoe.

Step 2

Start with one sneaker. Take each patch and glue it to the sneaker pressing firmly.Here is where the EPIC FAIL began. The glue didn’t work!!! It didn’t stick at all.

Step 3

I decided to stuff the shoe with a sock to keep its shape and iron the patches on. WARNING please be careful not to burn your hands and the rubber of the shoe. After a few minutes the “H” patches stayed on. I followed up with the lip patches. To finished off my DIY project I crazy glued the jewels. Only iron the patches to the fabric not the rubber.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3



And there you have it. I turned my “trash” into “treasure”. Moral of the story never ever throw anything away. It can be turned into something almost new.

Now go to your local craft or garment store and DIY a pair of your old sneakers.

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The “New” Khakis

Once upon a time a girl name Hope S. Brown received her first pair of Gap Khakis, the same ones that all the famous people wore in the Gap commercials. She knew life was for the taken…until they ripped at the knee. At that time ripped Khakis were not the “in thing”. She begged her parents for a new pair and instead of just buying them she had to work for them. She worked soo hard and bought her first pair of Khakis. She felt accomplished even though she was in middle school.Whats the point of that story? Khaki pants are here to stay. However they are now in different shades and lengths. From ankle slim at  Target to classic fit at LL Bean there will never be a shortage.

I’ve had these Zara Culottes Khakis for a couple of weeks. I was waiting for the perfect day and that didn’t happen. It was 45 degrees and I said “I am wearing those Zara pants, I don’t care what the weather is…..Spring is in my heart.”


Khaki pants are like jeans, they can be worn with anything. I styled these pants with a plain grey Bow and Drape t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your tee…roll up the sleeves. DIY with this tee coming soon.


Bow and Drape t-shirt

I jokingly called this outfit The Adult School Uniform. In keeping with this theme I used a JCrew Mens Polka Dot Bandana and tied it around my neck. It was the perfect accessory!


JCrew Polka Dot Bandana

I love color and I REALLY love JCrew jewelry. I wanted to add a pop of color. The outfit has a muted  pallet so any colored jewelry could be worn. I chose these JCrew Fun Floral and Crystal Earrings ( that is the actual title). The yellow, blush and green in the earrings really pop next to the polka dot bandana.


JCrew Fun Floral Crystal Earrings


My SHEro Shonda Rhimes


Oh my glasses….Warby Parker !!!

Now go out and upgrade your Khakis.

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Photographer Faith S. Brown