Beauty Must Have: Protecting Your Eyes

Its warm in NYC. Ok that is an understatement. NYC is in the middle of a heatwave. For the past 5 days temperatures have been close to 100 degrees with humidity levels at 100% . It is recommended to always have the following items…  water (check) wear loose fit clothing (check ) sunscreen (check). What’s the one thing you should never leave home without to protect your eyes especially in the summer? SUNGLASSES!!!!

Prada (try this ) // Karen Walker (currently my favorite) // Ray Ban


There are hundreds of brands, colors and shapes. From low end to high end and some sold on the streets in Times Square . Stylist tip: Invest in a good pair of  classic polarized sunglasses. They last longer! What are Polarized Sunglasses?

According to Sunglass Warehouse , Polarized Lenses are coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce glare. Glare is caused when light from the sun is reflected off of water or a solid surface. By neutralizing glare, polarized lenses help you see objects more clearly, and also help reduce the harmful effects of UV light.

Types of Polarized Lenses

.75 mm polarized lenses

These polarized lenses are made from thin sheets of film and are the best option when you don’t need to worry about impact resistance. The .75 mm lenses are good for most casual sports, like running and golf.

1.1 mm polarized lenses

These polarized lenses are made with thicker sheets of film. They offer more impact resistance than .75 mm polarized lenses, but they have the same polarizing layer. Even though 1.1 mm film is thicker, these sunglasses don’t offer better glare reduction or higher polarization. In fact, the added thickness usually makes them a more expensive option.

Tinted Lenses vs. Polarized Lenses

While tinted sunglasses are great for reducing brightness, they don’t eliminate harsh glare like polarized sunglasses. Don’t let darker lenses fool you into thinking they offer more protection from UV rays, either. The darkness of the lens does not accurately represent the lenses’ ability to block UV rays.

Always check the label on your lenses to see what level, if any, of UV protection they offer. Also, remember that dark sunglasses UV protection will cause more damage to your eyes than not wearing sunglasses at all. Darker tints can cause the pupil to dilate, letting more UV rays into the inner part of the eye.


Now that you know the importance of polarized sunglasses go out and treat yourself to a pair.

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Beauty Must Have Exclusive

When I first started wearing make up the one brand I gravitated towards was MAC Cosmetics. For years I only wore MAC. Do we have a love hate relationship? No, MAC will ALWAYS be my first love.

In NYC at this very moment there is a sample sale going on. It is now day 3 and It was totally worth standing in the heat. Here is why you should visit the first ever MAC Sample Sale if you are in NYC….Everything is 60% off. Unfortunately, the cult favorite Ruby Woo was not apart of the selection. However a lot of the merchandise  being sold at the sale are still full price in their retail stores.

I purchased the following items Velvetease Lip Pencil in Just Add Romance, Velvetease Lip Pencil Oh Honey, Huggable Lipcolour Rich Marron, Huggable Lipcolour Feeling Amorous, Huggable Glass Mega-Hug, Huggable Glass Snuggle Up and Brooke Candy Witching Hour. I  can’t wait to play with all my lip colors.

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Happy National Junk Food Day!

What’s your favorite MAC lip product?

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Borrow From The Boys

READ THIS POST WITH CAUTION…Good caution of course. 

I wear mens clothing…sometimes. On my recent trip to Urban Outfitters I decided to check out the mens department. I picked up a pair of shorts. Not just any shorts ……Adidas Triple Up Shorts also known as Mens Basketball shorts. I got excited right away because as a Wardrobe Stylist I knew EXACTLY how to style mens shorts to make it look feminine. My style is fun and always against the grain (I wear heels with sweatpants.) This time was no different.

Rule of thumb. If you decide to try this look, make sure you try the clothing on! I was highly surprised by how fitted these shorts were. I almost felt like they were made for me! The shorts are to the  knees, but they were very very comfortable. I definitely recommend having a pair of roomier shorts in your closet.

Adidas Shorts// Dark and Lovely t-shirt (gift)// Christian Louboutin shoes






Try this look and tag me in the post!

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Dark and Lovely Welcome Soiree

In NOLA I had the pleasure of attending the Dark and Lovely Bloggers Welcome Soiree. This was one of the many kickoffs to Essence Festival 2016. The weather was hot, but the breeze was just right. I knew exactly what to wear.

H&M earrings// Choker DIY// Better Be crop top // Vintage Ralph Lauren linen pants// Jessica Simpson shoes// Rebecca Minkoff clutch //




Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 7.54.20 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 7.54.05 PM




While at the soiree I had the pleasure of talking to my natural hair guru, author, my friend in my head Dr. Nikki Walton better known as Curly Nikki .She is just as lovely online and on tv as she is in person. I could have talked to her for hours. The funniest part is my husband did not want to attend (he didn’t want to interrupt), but both our husbands talked and connected the entire time! Curly Nikki was such encouraging and a true #GirlBOSS. She was generous enough to take a picture with me and my husband.


Curly Nikki signed this book for ME!


In the words of  DJ Khaled “Major Key Alert.” Swag bag give away!!!! Items in the bag

  • When Good Hair Goes Bad by Nikki Walton
  • Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Strengthening Balm (sample)
  • Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Easy Twist Gel N’ Butter (sample)
  • Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Sulfate Free Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner (3 samples of each)

Here is how YOU can get this swag bag:

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Ready, Set, Go!

Red, White and Beauty

Are you having 4th of July withdrawals? Not to fret here is a Beauty Must Have Independence Day Style.

Now that you know how to protect your lips with sunscreen here are 3 more of my favorite lip products. Every girl should have that “go to red lipstick”. One of my favorite red lipsticks is Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color 630 Red Revolution . The feel is creamy, the look is crisp and vibrant. Most importantly its very very moisturizer. A little goes a long way. The cost is only $7.49.




For as long as I can remember I’ve always carried Vaseline. Before I was allowed to wear lip stick  this was my lip gloss. I would stand in front of the mirror and pretend the white tube was lipstick. Before the coconut oil craze Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Healing Tube was the go to item for burns, cuts you name it. I use this product mainly for my lips. Its a great protectant in the winter and the main ingredient petroleum jelly soothes and keeps lips moisturize. A LOT GOES A VERY LONG WAY. Shopping secret: I usually buy this item from Walmart in multiples and here is why….The tube is small enough to not see in a bag or I simply lose it. A tube costs less than $1. You will thank me later.



I definitely stepped out the box with this lip color. NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Little Denim Dress is a showstopper. This color attracts everyone. You either love it or hate it. The color is bold, bright, vibrant and creamy. I would recommend applying this product last when applying your makeup. Pigmentation is high. Again for $7.00 this lipstick goes a very long way.




Next week Beauty Must Have will be EXTRA special. Make sure you

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May The 4th Be with You

Happy 4th !!!! I hope you had a fun and stylish holiday. Whether you spent time with family or friends today was a great day to relax . Fun, Food and Fireworks.

If you didn’t know what to wear today here are 3 colors you could have chosen….Red, White and Blue. To show my patriotic manner as with every year I wear all 3 colors. If you’ve been reading The Hopeful Style Chronicles this blog is all about having fun with fashion and I wanted to do just that.

Madewell try this// Vans try this// Ray-Ban







Wondering about my adventures in NOLA for Essence Festival……Make sure you

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