A Chic Kaftan

Summer is almost over. Well technically we have about 36 days left. Its been a very very did I mention very hot summer. Temperatures have reached 98 degrees, but because of the rising humidity it feels like 110 degrees or higher. So what does a person wear for the next 36 days? To end the summer on an amazing note, I’ve decided to wear all my favorite items. Or at least the items I’ve purchased and still haven’t worn.

Brooklyn Flea at Prospect Park Smorgasburg , haven’t heard of it? You have 5 more Sundays to attend. The food is really good, but dress comfortably. Thus the reason for my outfit. Even though it was pretty warm I wanted to protect my body not only from the sun, but from the bugs. They were out and about, but my bright colors scared them away. Mission accomplished!

Let this be the summer you break all the rules and just go for it. Wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts…..a tee shirt under a sleeveless dress…a slip dress with sneakers. Summer motto: You only live once!


Dress (Try this) // Bag // Shoes





Having fun 



What do you plan on wearing the rest of the summer?


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