Happy Thanksgiving

“I Got Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes Lamb Rams Hogs Maws Beans Greens Potatoes Tomatoes Chicken Turkeys Rabbit YOU NAME IT!!!!!! “

Thanksgiving has finally arrived and the holiday festivities are here. Besides my birthday this time of the year is my favorite time. Families get together, friends make new friends and love, Hope and happiness is in the air. Its a great time to be in New York City. There are soo many things to do. I plan to be apart of it all and take you along with me.

Starting today until December 25th maybe longer I will be posting and discussing holiday theme outfits. The goal is to stay chic, but comfortable. For Thanksgiving, I decided to pick up an outfit at everyones favorite place Target . Who What Wear Collection is the go to line for all things chic and comfortable.

Cardigan (WhoWhatWearCollection) / Jeans (WhoWhatWearCollection) / Silk Shirt try this (WhoWhatWearCollection)










Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!


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