How To Wear Athleisure

What is Athleisure? Clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities worn for other non workout settings. Like wearing sweatpants with heels to a party. If done the right way you too can pull this look off. I am a big fan of athleisure!! Whose not? Try it. You are probably wearing this trend and not even know it.

The Brooklyn Museum has this awesome structure in the front called “the steps.” Its a great place to sit, relax and watch the water display sing. For as long as I can remember the steps have never been covered. When I saw the recent design on the steps I had to make use of it. The graphic prints in black and white were the perfect back drop to display how athleisure can be worn.

Tip #1 Don’t be afraid to step out the box. It maybe something that you aren’t use to, but try it. To be honest I’m sure you have a track suit that you don’t wear to the gym, but to go shopping. Right? Well there you go…that’s athleisure!

Tip #2 You don’t have to wear sneakers. To dress up this look put on a pair of heels. I know it may sound crazy, but try it and thank me later.

Tip #3 Have the confidence in yourself to know you look good. When you do, other people will notice and simply say “your outfit is cute.” Of course your goal isn’t to always get compliments, but no harm in receiving one.

Hooded Sweatshirt (H&M) / Soft Woven Jogger (HartLove718…sold out) / DIY Vintage Coach Bag / Earrings (Paige Jordan Brand…sold out)













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I LOVE fashion. My first words were “shoes” so I was destined to be in this industry. My middle name is Chanel just spelled Shannel so yeah you get it. As you already know I love color and my hometown New York City. To be more specific Brooklyn!!! SO what better place to take in all of the sights and get some exercise than walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

This blog is and will always be about having fun with fashion. My formula…..have fun and break all the fashion rules. Hmm..this is kind of my life mantra. Keeping with the theme having fun, I am blessed to be a mentor to 3 wonderful teenage girls. Since one is away at college (Hi Mickey) the other 2 accompanied me on this adventure. The weather was great. A little windy, crowded, but crispy and sunny. I allowed one to be the photographer and the other to creatively direct the entire shoot. I must say they did an astonishing job.

Whose not a fan of hashtags? The most recent hashtag that’s been circulating the social media waves is #BlackGirlMagic. I decided to customize a t-shirt with the phrase #BlackGirlMagic.What does it mean? Feeling empowered and knowing that you are somebody. I wanted to use fall colors, however this t-shirt can be worn all year round. Pleats and midi skirts are huge this season. Don’t be afraid to wear a midi skirt with sneakers. Its very athleisure. If you don’t have a track jacket stop what you are doing and go get one. On those cool days you don’t always have to wear a sweater try a track jacket. They are lightweight and go with literally everything.

T-shirt (custom)/ Skirt (Forever 21 sold out..sorry)/ Track Jacket (Adidas)











Location: Brooklyn Bridge

Photographer : Johanna Douglas

Creative Director: Taylor Douglas



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LBD=Long (Maxi) Black Dress

My hand is slowly getting better Thanks for asking and I’m sure you’ve noticed the posts are shorter as well. “Rest your hands”…doctor’s orders. So I won’t tell him about the blog posts if you don’t.

It is August 5th and I feel like Fall is in the air. The weather is now in the low 80’s. I can’t believe New York Fashion Week  is in less than a month. I was recently in Rhode Island and I definitely had to take advantage of the scenery. The weather was only 78 degrees. No complaints here! To be quite honest I would love to live in 80 degree weather all year long. Not to0 hot, not too cold…just right.

Summer is almost over so that means Pre Fall is right around the corner. It is still time to wear your last minute summer items, but if you are like me when the weather drops you start to cover up just a little bit more. While on my road trip I decided to wear something comfortable and wrinkle free. You can never go wrong with a black short sleeve maxi dress. I tied a chambray shirt around my waist because denim goes with everything!! To top off the whole outfit you can’t go wrong with a pair of sneakers. And most importantly “don’t forget your sunglasses”.

H & M (try this) // JCrew // Adidas // Miu Miu









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Borrow From The Boys

READ THIS POST WITH CAUTION…Good caution of course. 

I wear mens clothing…sometimes. On my recent trip to Urban Outfitters I decided to check out the mens department. I picked up a pair of shorts. Not just any shorts ……Adidas Triple Up Shorts also known as Mens Basketball shorts. I got excited right away because as a Wardrobe Stylist I knew EXACTLY how to style mens shorts to make it look feminine. My style is fun and always against the grain (I wear heels with sweatpants.) This time was no different.

Rule of thumb. If you decide to try this look, make sure you try the clothing on! I was highly surprised by how fitted these shorts were. I almost felt like they were made for me! The shorts are to the  knees, but they were very very comfortable. I definitely recommend having a pair of roomier shorts in your closet.

Adidas Shorts// Dark and Lovely t-shirt (gift)// Christian Louboutin shoes






Try this look and tag me in the post!

Instagram @haute_hope

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How To Dress Up Sweatpants

Yes, you’ve read correctly. There is a way to actually dress up sweatpants and I will show you. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Sweatpants are typically worn to workout, run errands or for comfort. However with our ever-changing fashion cycle Athleisure has introduced a way to wear your leggings, sweatshirts or track pants to more formal or business like occasions.

Rule #1 Your coordinating pieces should be dressy.

Remember the goal is to dress up sweatpants not dress down. I choose an H&M tuxedo blazer. The wide leg  grey sweatpants from Adidas were too long, so I decided to wear a pair of black patent leather heels.





Rule #2 Give a wow moment when you take your blazer off!

A frilled poplin corporate blue  Zara shirt looks great. Remember you are dressing up the sweatpants.  It looks like I have on a simple blue dress shirt. However when I take the blazer off there is that aha moment.


Yes, I was smiling !




Rule #3 Have fun in outfit!!!

Take a selfie, share with your friends…. it’s not everyday you will wear sweatpants and heels.

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Photographer Faith S. Brown



1 skirt + 3 ways



It is now February 4th, you are looking through your closet saying “I have nothing to wear.” You have a ton of holiday attire such as sequins, feathers, silk skirts and gowns , but not sure how to incorporate these items into your everyday look. Have no fear, The Hopeful Stylist is here!

“Sequin attire is only to be worn at night.” If styled right sequin can be worn during the day and at night. Here’s how: I purchased this pencil skirt in silver from Banana Republic and styled it as a day, fun weekend and evening look.


Rule #1 You can wear a t-shirt with anything. T-shirts can be dressed casually or dressed up for an evening event. If you want to dress up a t-shirt add a statement necklace.

Front Top Half

JCrew necklace|| Disney’s The Little Mermaid t-shirt


Topshop earrings

Disney’s The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie ( I always cry at the end when she leaves her daddy) to keep with the theme of dressed up, yet fun I completed this look with a pair of Vivienne Westwood by Melissa shoes. I like the big red heart detail. FYI the shoes smell like bubble gum.



Whole Outfit

Rule#2 Sneakers can be worn with everything, within reason. Always use creative judgement when trying to add a pair of sneakers with a very dressy item. Adidas Superstar sneakers are easy to pair with any outfit.

What girl doesn’t love MAC Cosmetics ! I’m wearing Flat Out Fabulous Bright Plum Matte Lipstick and it is awesome. Very creamy, long wearing and a very bold color to add an extra pop to this outfit.



Adidas Superstar

To complete this casual weekend look and for those chilly days and nights…an Adidas track jacket. I attended the NBA All Star game last year and decided to purchase this track jacket to commemorate the event.

Back (better)

Rule #3 Heels go with EVERYTHING!!! Especially with a touch of leopard. I paired the same sequin skirt with Sam Edelman two toned studded heels.



I love the subtleness of the black studs on the back of the shoes. It adds a little rockstar feel. My favorite jewelry are statement necklaces…. I styled this look with a Topshop black studded piece. Whenever you wear a chunky sweater and you want to give yourself a waist add a belt.

NYX cosmetics makes great vibrant lipsticks. The shade I am wearing is Twisted Bright Violet. Its high voltage and very moisturizing!



Have some fun and try these looks!

All photos taken by Faith Brown

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