Baby Morgan Registry Part 2


Mommy Morgan, Daddy Morgan and Baby Morgan


6 months pregnant


Christmas has come and gone and we are gearing up for the New Year. I can’t believe it!  I remember when the clock struck 12 going into the year 2000. Time is literally flying by.  I am extremely excited about the upcoming year. January is my birthday, March is the arrival of our son and soo much more.

As promised Part 2 of Baby Morgan’s Registry is finally complete! For first time parents we tried not to go overboard…keyword:tried. Once we were handed that scanning gun it was hard not to go for everything cute. Buy Buy Baby has some of the best, top of the line items for babies. The staff at the Chelsea location were very friendly knowledgeable and was extremely patient. Here are some of my favorite things:


Yes, I had to take a picture!


Yes, I had to take a picture next to the board!


Sophie la girafe Teething Toy
Sophie la giraffe Teething Toy


4moms mamaRoo 4 Plush Infant Seat

4moms mamaRoo 4 Plush Infant Seat


6Pack Elmo Boys Quarter Socks

Elmo and Friends Boys Assorted Socks


This is only a small, very small portion of the items we scanned.  We are also registered at Babies R Us and Amazon for those that live outside NY. As the days and weeks progress I will share more of my favorite things. Once Baby Morgan is born we will see if my favorite things become his favorite things.



Baby Morgan Registry Part 1

Happy Monday!! I know I know…where have I’ve been? Ever since I announced I was expecting our first child I have been placed on bed rest. SO all activities had to come to a halt for a couple of months. I am currently 5 months pregnant and a lot has happened in the last months…let’s just say this will definitely be a miracle baby!

We went on a baby moon! The doctor prescribed a small getaway to Shawnee Poconos in Pennsylvania . I needed a new scenery, fresh air and a chance to plan out the coming of Baby Morgan. Of course it turned into a mini photoshoot.


3 months pregnant 





Mom and Dad

After our baby moon we were eager to tell everyone the gender of the baby. Luckily I found out early in my pregnancy, but mistakenly told my husband in a night time bed conversation …smart move. I tried to cover it up, but it was too late. We are having a ………


It’s a BOY!!!



5 months pregnant 


Today we had the pleasure of starting our registry! There are sooooooooo many options even Dominos has a registry. After attending the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower Ever we started our registry at Buy Buy Baby . Never heard of the Biggest Baby Shower Ever? It a huge party like a baby shower to gain knowledge about all the latest gadgets and things your baby will need. My favorite part was the abundance of free samples . At the end of the event I received the biggest goodie bag ever and a 4moms bounceROO.

If you’ve been following my story my husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 years. I remember the days I couldn’t even walk into a baby section without tearing up. Today I walked into Buy Buy Baby holding back tears. I was overjoyed and excited to be in this stage of my pregnancy . I am fully enjoying this stage and with 4 months to go I am ready to see my little pumpkin. Don’t give up on your dreams!


Who said you can’t be stylish and pregnant?!



Coat: H&M


I love this vintage stroller.


Working hard!


Baby Morgan’s daddy checking social media


Baby Morgan was sleep during the whole registry.


Mom and Dad to be


Baby Morgan Part 2 registry to be continued………………