The Unofficial Start of Summer 2017

Memorial Day is considered to be the unofficial start of the summer. Cook outs begin, road trips increase and laying in the sun enjoying the warm weather is considering “working”.  Sadly the weather lately says otherwise. Its been dark and cloudy, but that hasn’t stopped me from heading outside and enjoying this beautiful world and one of the best cities…..NYC. For this holiday I decided to stay local and explore SoHo. SoHo stands for South of Houston Street.

Have you ever heard of JGoldCrown ? You may not know his name, but you’ve seen his artwork. #LoveWall My goal was to simply go to his website , find a wall and locate a mural in NYC. Sadly many of his murals have been painted over. After visiting 3 locations on the 4th location I finally found a #LoveWall.  It was everything I expected and more.



We all have things that we love. One place that I love is Strands Book Store . They have all the latest books, buttons, totes etc. One person that I love is our previous  First Lady Michelle Obama. She exudes class, sophistication and beauty.  While in the book store I came across a t shirt that expresses love for us the female species.


Jeans ( Dance and Marvel ) / T Shirt ( Michelle Obama ICON ) /                                          Shoes ( Christian Louboutin ) / Bag (Vintage Gucci)

Hope-Morgan-love-wall-looking forward






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Borrow From The Boys

READ THIS POST WITH CAUTION…Good caution of course. 

I wear mens clothing…sometimes. On my recent trip to Urban Outfitters I decided to check out the mens department. I picked up a pair of shorts. Not just any shorts ……Adidas Triple Up Shorts also known as Mens Basketball shorts. I got excited right away because as a Wardrobe Stylist I knew EXACTLY how to style mens shorts to make it look feminine. My style is fun and always against the grain (I wear heels with sweatpants.) This time was no different.

Rule of thumb. If you decide to try this look, make sure you try the clothing on! I was highly surprised by how fitted these shorts were. I almost felt like they were made for me! The shorts are to the  knees, but they were very very comfortable. I definitely recommend having a pair of roomier shorts in your closet.

Adidas Shorts// Dark and Lovely t-shirt (gift)// Christian Louboutin shoes






Try this look and tag me in the post!

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