Let’s Get Personal

Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Hope Morgan …..Shannel is my middle name. I’ve been married for 7 years to my wonderful, amazing and  yes sometimes annoying husband Nick. July 17th will be our 8th wedding anniversary! We are a lot alike and yet a lot different. My favorite color is pink, his is blue and orange.  He loves the Knicks, I love fashion. He’s studying for his Doctorate in Education…..I’m still trying to figure out what to cook for dinner tonight. lol  We love each other dearly and we have no children…..yet.

When you first get married you say your “I Do’s” and then the question many of us dread is asked….. when are you going to start having children? “I don’t know what sheets to put on the bed, now you want me to produce life “. Again we’ve been married for 7 years. 3 years into our marriage we got pregnant. Rewind. My parents were told they couldn’t have children. They now have me Hope, Josh and Faith. Now back to the present. We were ecstatic when we found out the news. I panicked, my husband reassured me everything was going to be ok. 6 weeks later I experienced what is called an ectopic pregnancy. I’ve never had surgery before. This required an extensive amount. I cried for months. Bed rest, no exercise. NO HIGH HEELS!!! I survived. 6 months later it happened again. We found out I was pregnant. 6 weeks later another ectopic pregnancy. I cried for months. No baby showers, I couldn’t be around babies. I got stronger. I survived. Many women especially in the African American community have fibroids. I assumed this was the cause of both loss so I acted fast. This would be my 3rd surgery in less than 3 years. It was a success, but I haven’t gotten pregnant since. We’ve been trying for 5 years. #5years

Ever heard of IVF ? Yes, I was TOTALLY against it. After SEVERAL talks with my husband and doing my own research I agreed to the process. THIS IS NOT AN EASY PROCESS. It involves a lot of medicine and a lot of home injections. A lot of tears, but a lot of faith.



These pictures were taken on Mother’s Day. 






To be continued……………



In less than 4 days New York City’s air will be filed with fashions from our favorite and some new designers known as NYFW . Other than my birthday fashion week which is twice a year in February and September is one of my favorite times of the year. As a wardrobe stylist it is my duty to know and sometimes predict the trends months in advance.

During NYFW what does one wear? Their ultimate best. Believe it or not the goal is not only to attend the hottest shows, but to get snapped by a street style photographer! We miss you Bill Cunningham. I remember years ago when my picture was taken during fashion week and it ended up in Glamour magazine. I was ecstatic. “Look mom, I made it.”Want to see the picture? Check back on #tbt.

FYI: If you haven’t checked out the Zara sale you might want to go RIGHT NOW !!!

Dress ( Zara sold out ) / Earrings ( Forever 21 ) / Bag ( Zara sold out ) / Tights ( Betsey Johnson gift) / Shoes ( French Connection )










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How To Wear Athleisure

What is Athleisure? Clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities worn for other non workout settings. Like wearing sweatpants with heels to a party. If done the right way you too can pull this look off. I am a big fan of athleisure!! Whose not? Try it. You are probably wearing this trend and not even know it.

The Brooklyn Museum has this awesome structure in the front called “the steps.” Its a great place to sit, relax and watch the water display sing. For as long as I can remember the steps have never been covered. When I saw the recent design on the steps I had to make use of it. The graphic prints in black and white were the perfect back drop to display how athleisure can be worn.

Tip #1 Don’t be afraid to step out the box. It maybe something that you aren’t use to, but try it. To be honest I’m sure you have a track suit that you don’t wear to the gym, but to go shopping. Right? Well there you go…that’s athleisure!

Tip #2 You don’t have to wear sneakers. To dress up this look put on a pair of heels. I know it may sound crazy, but try it and thank me later.

Tip #3 Have the confidence in yourself to know you look good. When you do, other people will notice and simply say “your outfit is cute.” Of course your goal isn’t to always get compliments, but no harm in receiving one.

Hooded Sweatshirt (H&M) / Soft Woven Jogger (HartLove718…sold out) / DIY Vintage Coach Bag / Earrings (Paige Jordan Brand…sold out)













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I LOVE fashion. My first words were “shoes” so I was destined to be in this industry. My middle name is Chanel just spelled Shannel so yeah you get it. As you already know I love color and my hometown New York City. To be more specific Brooklyn!!! SO what better place to take in all of the sights and get some exercise than walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

This blog is and will always be about having fun with fashion. My formula…..have fun and break all the fashion rules. Hmm..this is kind of my life mantra. Keeping with the theme having fun, I am blessed to be a mentor to 3 wonderful teenage girls. Since one is away at college (Hi Mickey) the other 2 accompanied me on this adventure. The weather was great. A little windy, crowded, but crispy and sunny. I allowed one to be the photographer and the other to creatively direct the entire shoot. I must say they did an astonishing job.

Whose not a fan of hashtags? The most recent hashtag that’s been circulating the social media waves is #BlackGirlMagic. I decided to customize a t-shirt with the phrase #BlackGirlMagic.What does it mean? Feeling empowered and knowing that you are somebody. I wanted to use fall colors, however this t-shirt can be worn all year round. Pleats and midi skirts are huge this season. Don’t be afraid to wear a midi skirt with sneakers. Its very athleisure. If you don’t have a track jacket stop what you are doing and go get one. On those cool days you don’t always have to wear a sweater try a track jacket. They are lightweight and go with literally everything.

T-shirt (custom)/ Skirt (Forever 21 sold out..sorry)/ Track Jacket (Adidas)











Location: Brooklyn Bridge

Photographer : Johanna Douglas

Creative Director: Taylor Douglas



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I LOVE Denim

My birthday is this Thursday January 14th! To start the celebration I’ve decided to do and wear some of my favorite things. One of my favorite things to wear is DENIM. From low end at Old Navy to premium by 3×1 I could wear denim everyday all day.

I purchased this Topshop dress in the fall and its been sitting in my closet. “I’m going to wear it, I’m going to wear it.” Finally I’ve worn it. I decided to style my denim overall dress with a collarless tuxedo white shirt. I am a fan of white shirts. You can NEVER EVER EVER have too many. Boots are huge in the winter, especially black and over the knee. As you may already know I love a statement earring. I pulled the whole outfit together with a pair of  vintage circular black and white button earrings and an oversized velvet bow barrette.InstaSize_0111120332InstaSize_0111120616


Here you can create a similar look.

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Color of the year

Happy New Year!!! I can’t believe its 2016. A new year with new opportunities means a new color of the year. Pantone Color Institute has decided on 2 colors Rose Quartz and Serenity. “Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves” Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director.


I know you are thinking…How do I incorporate these colors into my current wardrobe? Are these colors only for the spring? Glad you asked! The easiest way….add an Accessory.


Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Nora crossbody bag for $198


J.Crew Beaded Rose Necklace $138


ASOS Lightning Studded Ballet Flats $51


Forever21 Curved Faux Gemstone Studs $3.90

With temperatures in the 20’s sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves are just another way to incorporate the colors of the year into your current wardrobe.



Ann Taylor Loft Cozy Open Cardigan $64.50


Eugenia Kim Ice blue chunky wool hand-knit turban headband $100


Diane von Furstenberg Grace Modal Printed Scarf in Denim Window Pane $168



Zara Knit Gloves with PomPom $9.99

Stay warm!