Mentor Me Summit 2017

On this past Saturday I had the pleasure of being apart of the On This Journe Mentor Me Summit 2017 panel. 20 young ladies were selected not only to gleam from 6 different panelist, they were given prizes! Such as a glam squad for their prom day and a book scholarship for college. It was such a pleasure being around individuals that have shared the same experiences and to see what our future lawyers, doctors and/or even politicians looked like.


I had the pleasure of presenting the topic “I Am Beautiful”.  My subtopics were Fashion, Clothing and Makeup. Whenever I am on a panel I ALWAYS try to go against the grain….step outside the box. I took my make up off in front of everyone. Yes, you read right. We are made to believe we NEED makeup and can’t live with out it. I wanted to make a point that we are all beautiful with all our imperfections we may think we have. Plus you have to give your a face a break to breath. Its not what’s outside like the latest designer fashions, but what’s inside your brain such as education and heart such as love, compassion and sympathy towards others.






Blazer (Banana Republic ) / Pants ( Banana Republic ) / Stripe Blouse ( H&M ) / Shoes  (Paul Smith) / Earrings (JCrew)


This is what I look like without makeup and I feel just as fabulous.



Happy Spring

It is officially the 1st day of Spring!!! Even though it doesn’t feel like it OR look like it (we still have snow on the ground) SPRING is here and here to stay. How do I know, because the weather man said so lol ….and because of The Old Farmer’s Almanac . Founded in 1792 it is still used til this day and its pretty accurate.

So what does one wear when the calendar says Spring, but it doesn’t feel like it? Shed clothing slowly. Warm temperatures during the day can turn into cold temperatures at night. You never want to be under dressed nor overdressed. It is safe to put the turtlenecks away and ok to wear mock necks. Another great way to adjust to the weather and still look fashionable is to change your jewelry. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry are earrings. I am not talking about diamond studs, I like colorful…whimsical earrings of all kinds.



All earrings are courtesy of J.Crew






Some of my favorite earrings this spring are:

ASOS Liars & Lovers Bright Tassel Statement Earrings $23.00



BaubleBar Caicos Pom Pom Earrings $34



Mango Floral Earrings $25.99



Kate Spade Citrus Crush Statement Earrings $98.00



J.Crew Embroidered Crystal Earrings $78



What are some of your Spring fashion favorites?


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New Year’s Eve

I can’t believe in less than 5 hours the year 2017 will be here. I am excited for the coming year because of the new opportunities, new possibilities and more time to spread Hope. I started this blog this year and I am not looking back. More post, more outfits, more adventures……and possibly some additions to my little family.

Thank you to all my readers. I promise  2017 will be worth liking, commenting, sharing and subscribing. 

Cheers to 2017 

Skirt sold out (H&M) / Shirt sold out (H&M)/ Booties (Steve Madden) / Earrings (J.Crew) / Glitter Eye Shadow (NYX Liquid Crystal Liner)









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A Chic Kaftan

Summer is almost over. Well technically we have about 36 days left. Its been a very very did I mention very hot summer. Temperatures have reached 98 degrees, but because of the rising humidity it feels like 110 degrees or higher. So what does a person wear for the next 36 days? To end the summer on an amazing note, I’ve decided to wear all my favorite items. Or at least the items I’ve purchased and still haven’t worn.

Brooklyn Flea at Prospect Park Smorgasburg , haven’t heard of it? You have 5 more Sundays to attend. The food is really good, but dress comfortably. Thus the reason for my outfit. Even though it was pretty warm I wanted to protect my body not only from the sun, but from the bugs. They were out and about, but my bright colors scared them away. Mission accomplished!

Let this be the summer you break all the rules and just go for it. Wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts…..a tee shirt under a sleeveless dress…a slip dress with sneakers. Summer motto: You only live once!


Dress (Try this) // Bag // Shoes





Having fun 



What do you plan on wearing the rest of the summer?


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Mixing Pastels

We are half way through the year….what’s on your New Year’s Resolution list? Have you accomplished anything? Its not too late! Add this to your list…Wear More Pastels!

I wrote a post entitled  Color of the year on how to style the colors Rose Quartz and Serenity. It was the dead of winter and I suggested the easiest way to incorporate those colors into your wardrobe with an accessory. It is now the unofficial start of the summer so the real pastel outfits can be worn. However I just have one rule when wearing pastels…

HAVE FUN!!!! The typical way to wear pastels is with white or black. Step out the box and wear pastels together, yes together.

Outfit details

JCrew Pants //  Banana Republic Vest try this // JCrew Bracelet try this // Tory Burch Sunglasses try this












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