BECOMING Hope Morgan

Its been 8 months since I delivered my miracle baby and I feel like it happened yesterday. Going through IVF has been one of the hardest things I have EVER went though. The other hardest…… countless surgeries and several miscarriages.

In a rect Instagram post I spoke about feeling like I was ugly because of the weight I am currently. Let me elaborate. I was 110lbs my whole life. When I got married I was 100lbs. I have never been 155lbs which was my end pregnancy weight.. I am now 140lbs. When you are small your whole life gaining 30-35 lbs is new. Its different. Your clothes don’t fit the same. You have to learn how to love yourself including your body allllll over again. Yes, I housed a human being. Yes, I birthed a boy child BUT that doesn’t negate the newness that is now Hope Morgan the mother of Jeremiah Scott Morgan. I work in an industry and we also live in a world that makes you feel that thin is in and thats it. I am learning to love me while being healthy of course!

to be continued………..

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year from my family to yours!


Baby Morgan was moving the entire time I was taking this picture!


My husband and I. Check out my new Warby Parker glasses! 


Daddy Morgan, Mommy Morgan and Baby Morgan

January 2, 2018 I have just entered into my 3rd trimester. I am now 28 weeks pregnant and the countdown to the arrival of Baby Morgan has begun. I am extremely excited and yes a little nervous. Becoming a mom has always been a dream of mine and it is about to come true. Today I had a sonogram and Baby Morgan the active baby that he is moved the entire time. THE ENTIRE TIME!!! One of my goals this year with becoming a mom is to be patient with myself and with Baby Morgan.



Baby Morgan said “no pictures, no pictures.”


Right foot


Left Foot


What are some of your goals for 2018?








Kate Spade Home Pop Up Shop 

Despite what The Almanac says Spring has Sprung in NYC. It was almost 80 degrees and it felt great! Warm weather means less layers and more time outside.

While in SoHo I had to visit the  Kate Spade Home Pop Up Shop . We’re not talking about the usual bags, accessories, stationary etc. The same cuteness in those items has been transformed to Housewares and Bedding with sprinkles of Stationary.


If you look closely the lady in the floral dress is the Creative Director Deborah Lloyd 

When you enter into the shop you are greeted by a well organized table and a guest book.


Yes, the table is for sale!

I called this table the Tree of Housewares. I wanted every single item on this table. However, the Wall of Stationary with the gold pens were calling my name.


Everything was soo nicely placed I didn’t want to touch the table.


Pens $25 for 6 (free booklet)

If only our Dining Room tables could look this picturesque all the time. I love the pink shoes hanging on the chair. Behind the table is a chest full of the most adorable china.


Of course the pink heels are Kate Spade!



I think my favorite part of the whole pop up shop is the Kitchen. Its colorful, fun and what everyone wishes their kitchen looked like. Again everything was placed soo strategically I didn’t want to touch anything. Surprisingly you were encouraged to touch and feel the product.


EVERYTHING is for sale except for the stove. 


Never forget you’re “Adding The Sauce”.


No caption needed lol

Near the Kitchen in the far right corner is a chair that took my breath away. I love all colors, but my favorite color of all time is pink…..Any shade of pink. The furniture is for sale, special order only.


Alex, I’ll take the chair, pillow and shoes for $200. 

The very last part of this experience is the Bedroom. All the bedding is sold on the shelves. The end and coffee tables, lamps and bed frame are special order. The floral shoes on the bottom right are currently sold in stores.


I wanted to lay on the bed….OK  I actually wanted to jump on the bed, but I had to contain myself. A sales associate volunteered to take my picture.


Say cheese 



Complimentary Postcards


Complimentary Postcards


Complimentary Postcards


The Kate Spade Home Pop Up Shop is located at 411 West Broadway in SoHo New York. The hours of operation are as follow Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday 11am-7pm. The shop closes May 31st. For more information….212.343.1101





Books…Fashion Books

If you live in or visit New York City there is one place you must visit Strands Bookstore . This place is definitely NY’s best kept secret. I learned about this bookstore in my early teenage years and the rest is history. You can literally spend hours and hours and hours searching the rows of books.

My favorite section of Strands is the Fashion section. There are books about every designer imaginable….Chanel….Schiaparelli…McQueen the list of names are endless. The best part about this bookstore are the prices. You pay a fraction of the retail price!

On my recent trip I decided to pick up GRACE A Memoir by Grace Coddington. Grace formerly known as the Creative Director of Vogue Magazine decided to step down and take the role as Creative Director at Large. For many that means nothing, but for the fashion industry this is a big deal. Instead of 12 or more editorials a year she will only style 4 and take on other projects. The breakout star of the hit movie The September Issue has been Creative Director for 28 years (thats most of my life).

I love the color of the book. Its synonyms to the color of Grace’s hair……orange. She is an avid illustrator so no surprise there are a lot of pictures hand drawn throughout the book.


Grace Coddington


Fashion Industry Friends. Can you name them?



I can’t wait to dive in. Be sure to check back to read my thoughts!


Happy Birthday

Today is January 14, 2016 and its my birthday. I have accomplished a lot, but I am ready to accomplish more. Its a new age, new year with new possibilities. Keep reading…I promise to always keep you not only inform, but entertain!


This is me at 5 years old in my private school uniform. I always wore some type of accessory in my hair. I still do now.