Big Chunky Sweater

In NYC at this current moment it is now 45 degrees. Last week it was 80 degrees. We went from experiencing  Indian summer to Winter with a possibility of snow any day now. Every one is rushing to get their coats out of storage, sweaters cleaned, boots purchased and lent picked off last years hats. Its cold!!!!! The type of cold you want to curl up with hot cocoa, a big chunky sweater and read fashion magazines.

When I was younger my mother pulled out this AMAZING big black and white almost salt and pepper like sweater and I said to myself “I just struck gold.” This sweater was nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was big, chunky, warm and all mines. I’ve planned outfits around that sweater! One day I decided to wear the sweater and lets just say I’ve been “borrowing” it from that moment on. The sweater is much older than me and I plan on passing it on to my daughter one day, if she can pry it out my hands.

Dress (Necessary Clothing) / Turtleneck (H&M) / Boots try this (Steve Madden)












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