BECOMING Hope Morgan

Its been 8 months since I delivered my miracle baby and I feel like it happened yesterday. Going through IVF has been one of the hardest things I have EVER went though. The other hardest…… countless surgeries and several miscarriages.

In a rect Instagram post I spoke about feeling like I was ugly because of the weight I am currently. Let me elaborate. I was 110lbs my whole life. When I got married I was 100lbs. I have never been 155lbs which was my end pregnancy weight.. I am now 140lbs. When you are small your whole life gaining 30-35 lbs is new. Its different. Your clothes don’t fit the same. You have to learn how to love yourself including your body allllll over again. Yes, I housed a human being. Yes, I birthed a boy child BUT that doesn’t negate the newness that is now Hope Morgan the mother of Jeremiah Scott Morgan. I work in an industry and we also live in a world that makes you feel that thin is in and thats it. I am learning to love me while being healthy of course!

to be continued………..

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How to Have Fun Wearing Black

On this past Saturday April 30th I had the pleasure of speaking at the Dream Girl Summit 2016 on you guessed it fashion! This summit was all about empowering girls ages 10-17 on feeling beautiful. I was given the title “Fashion Guru” and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It is very important to lift up not only African American girls, but girls of all colors.


Here are some pictures from the event.


When I was asked to be apart of this summit I knew exactly what I was going to wear.. all black with a splash of color. I love the name of this blog, thus I decided to get a t-shirt made with its name.  I paired my tee shirt with a JCrew Faux Leather Pleated Midi Skirt.


The last word is Chronicles, sorry!


JCrew skirt


Springtime in NYC consists of very warm days. This wasn’t one of those days. To stay chic and honestly warm, I paired the entire outfit with my DIY army green jacket. I’ve been collecting patches for a while, but couldn’t decide when to debut my masterpiece. This summit was the perfect time to show these young ladies about having their own style.




I’m a star



To complete the entire outfit I wore my Nike Iridescent Blazer sneakers. I first saw these sneakers on Jenna Lyons the Creative Director and President of JCrew and I had to have them. (I waited on line for 2 hours, however I was #2 on the line.Determination pays off!)





I am beautiful!


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