Little White Shirt at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop

In NYC right now it is 79 degrees. Yes, you it read right. Just when you thought the season of Fall was here Summer decided to make a comeback. Surprisingly, I don’t mind the change of season at all. I love the Fall weather, but I can appreciate a warm day every now and then. SO what do you wear when the previous season like Summer makes a come back? Light weight clothing like a white shirt and jeans. You are still covered up and weather appropriate. Who knows the next day it could be feel like Winter.

I recently took a trip to the famous Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Brooklyn, New York. I consider myself a cupcake connoisseur (lol) and these cupcakes prove me right once again.  The shop is just as its title describes…..cute and little. Just enough space to enjoy a sweet treat and take in the views. I only had a cupcake, but I did indeed want more.

Everyone should have multiple white shirts. Whether high end like Anne Fontaine or Low end like Old Navy you can never have too many. Step outside the box purchase a lace trimming or bell sleeve. Go one stop further and even try silk. White shirts are a closet staple and even though cotton long sleeve with a collar is always acceptable nothing wrong with having a little fun.

Bag ( Kate Spade ) / Blouse ( Who What Wear ) // Jeans ( Madewell ) / Sunglasses ( Miu Miu )










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