Denim Day

Happy Denim Day!!! 


I know you’ve been wondering where have I been. Let’s just say…… IVF post coming soon.


a heavy, Z-twist, twill cotton for jeans, overalls, and other work andleisure garments.
a similar fabric of finer quality, for covering cushions, furniture, etc.
hard-wearing trousers made of denim or other cotton fabric, for informal wear.
One of my favorite things to wear is denim. I can wear denim every day (hhhmmm different ways to wear denim for a week or month coming soon!) Denim comes in every price point. My favorite line of denim is from you guessed it Levi’s . Key word:DURABILITY.  You can never have too many pairs! I received my first pair of  Levi’s 501 Original jeans at 6 years old and never looked back. If you haven’t tried on a pair or don’t own a pair please do yourself a favorite buy a pair.
Denim( TopShop ) / Shirt( Levi’s ) / Shoes (Zara sold out ) / Rain Coat ( EBay )/ Lipstick ( NYX Cosmetics Little Denim Dress )
  How are you wearing your denim today?
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The Power Suit

Spring has finally sprung. Flowers are starting to bloom and change is in the air! What type of change? Less layers, more color and women wearing pant suits. Not just any type of pant suits, but bold bright colors. Yellow, green and/or red. Yes, a lot of women have been wearing pant suits for ages, but now it has trickled down into the fashion industry. This trend was on the runway for almost 2 seasons. Can this be the resurrection of the pantsuit? I think so. With everything going on in politics with Women’s Rights we are standing up and standing out. One women in particular whose been wearing pant suits since the 1990’s when her husband was President is Hillary Clinton.




I decided to give the pant suit a try and I absolutely love it. Not only is this look sophisticated, but its comfortable, easy to wear and can be styled several different ways. Going with a black pant suit would be typical so while shopping at Zara I went into the store with one goal in mind….to purchase a bright colored suit no matter what the color. Luckily I found just that!!!


Blazer (Zara) / Trouser (Zara) / Ring sold out (Henri Bendel) / Clutch sold out (Banana Republic)











Style Tip: Have fun with your suit. You don’t have to wear a white dress shirt or high heels. Be more adventurous and try it with a tee and sneakers.




In less than 4 days New York City’s air will be filed with fashions from our favorite and some new designers known as NYFW . Other than my birthday fashion week which is twice a year in February and September is one of my favorite times of the year. As a wardrobe stylist it is my duty to know and sometimes predict the trends months in advance.

During NYFW what does one wear? Their ultimate best. Believe it or not the goal is not only to attend the hottest shows, but to get snapped by a street style photographer! We miss you Bill Cunningham. I remember years ago when my picture was taken during fashion week and it ended up in Glamour magazine. I was ecstatic. “Look mom, I made it.”Want to see the picture? Check back on #tbt.

FYI: If you haven’t checked out the Zara sale you might want to go RIGHT NOW !!!

Dress ( Zara sold out ) / Earrings ( Forever 21 ) / Bag ( Zara sold out ) / Tights ( Betsey Johnson gift) / Shoes ( French Connection )










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What I Wore Apple Picking

Fall is here in full swing and you can definitely feel it. Temperatures are now in the 70’s. What better way to bring in a new season than to take a trip to Lawrence Farms and Orchards . I’ve been visiting this specific farm for years and have been going apple picking for as long as I can remember. It always takes me back to my childhood. Even as a child my first thought are ” what do I wear?” The weather can be unpredictable , so I always recommend dressing in layers.

Sweater (H&M) / Jeans (J.Crew) / Boots (Circus by Sam Edelman) /Bag (Zara) / Bracelets (Alex and Ani)








Happy Apple Picking

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The “New” Khakis

Once upon a time a girl name Hope S. Brown received her first pair of Gap Khakis, the same ones that all the famous people wore in the Gap commercials. She knew life was for the taken…until they ripped at the knee. At that time ripped Khakis were not the “in thing”. She begged her parents for a new pair and instead of just buying them she had to work for them. She worked soo hard and bought her first pair of Khakis. She felt accomplished even though she was in middle school.Whats the point of that story? Khaki pants are here to stay. However they are now in different shades and lengths. From ankle slim at  Target to classic fit at LL Bean there will never be a shortage.

I’ve had these Zara Culottes Khakis for a couple of weeks. I was waiting for the perfect day and that didn’t happen. It was 45 degrees and I said “I am wearing those Zara pants, I don’t care what the weather is…..Spring is in my heart.”


Khaki pants are like jeans, they can be worn with anything. I styled these pants with a plain grey Bow and Drape t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your tee…roll up the sleeves. DIY with this tee coming soon.


Bow and Drape t-shirt

I jokingly called this outfit The Adult School Uniform. In keeping with this theme I used a JCrew Mens Polka Dot Bandana and tied it around my neck. It was the perfect accessory!


JCrew Polka Dot Bandana

I love color and I REALLY love JCrew jewelry. I wanted to add a pop of color. The outfit has a muted  pallet so any colored jewelry could be worn. I chose these JCrew Fun Floral and Crystal Earrings ( that is the actual title). The yellow, blush and green in the earrings really pop next to the polka dot bandana.


JCrew Fun Floral Crystal Earrings


My SHEro Shonda Rhimes


Oh my glasses….Warby Parker !!!

Now go out and upgrade your Khakis.

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Photographer Faith S. Brown

Wardrobe Essentials: The White Shirt

Carolina Herrera said it best “trends may come and go, but nothing will ever beat a white shirt.” I totally agree. There is nothing like a crisp white shirt. Whether high-end or low-end you can’t have too many. Whether you wash or dry clean white shirts come in different styles and in different lengths.

Spring is in full swing (even though the weather says otherwise) and what better way to welcome this new season by upgrading my white shirt crew. I made a trip to good ‘ole Zara and this shirt was calling me! I like the classic collar, the length is a bit short. However the fine line pleats are what said “buy me buy me.”



I love color especially color blocking  (a How To post coming soon)  so I paired the white shirt with an Orange Diamond Weave Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor .


Ann Taylor skirt $24.88

My African head wrap is mainly the color mustard with hints of dusty blue and white. I decided to wear Makara Dusty Blue Nina Shoes .




 Nina Shoes $49.99

To keep in theme with the color of my head wrap I paired the entire outfit with a Faux Leather High Yellow Jacket from Zara . I love the belt detailing.


 Zara jacket $69.90



To complete the whole outfit I cam carrying a Cooperative Mini Luggage Crossbody Bag in Pink from Urban Outfitters .



Now go out and buy yourself a new white shirt…you deserve it!

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