The Power Suit

Spring has finally sprung. Flowers are starting to bloom and change is in the air! What type of change? Less layers, more color and women wearing pant suits. Not just any type of pant suits, but bold bright colors. Yellow, green and/or red. Yes, a lot of women have been wearing pant suits for ages, but now it has trickled down into the fashion industry. This trend was on the runway for almost 2 seasons. Can this be the resurrection of the pantsuit? I think so. With everything going on in politics with Women’s Rights we are standing up and standing out. One women in particular whose been wearing pant suits since the 1990’s when her husband was President is Hillary Clinton.




I decided to give the pant suit a try and I absolutely love it. Not only is this look sophisticated, but its comfortable, easy to wear and can be styled several different ways. Going with a black pant suit would be typical so while shopping at Zara I went into the store with one goal in mind….to purchase a bright colored suit no matter what the color. Luckily I found just that!!!


Blazer (Zara) / Trouser (Zara) / Ring sold out (Henri Bendel) / Clutch sold out (Banana Republic)











Style Tip: Have fun with your suit. You don’t have to wear a white dress shirt or high heels. Be more adventurous and try it with a tee and sneakers.



Happy Spring

It is officially the 1st day of Spring!!! Even though it doesn’t feel like it OR look like it (we still have snow on the ground) SPRING is here and here to stay. How do I know, because the weather man said so lol ….and because of The Old Farmer’s Almanac . Founded in 1792 it is still used til this day and its pretty accurate.

So what does one wear when the calendar says Spring, but it doesn’t feel like it? Shed clothing slowly. Warm temperatures during the day can turn into cold temperatures at night. You never want to be under dressed nor overdressed. It is safe to put the turtlenecks away and ok to wear mock necks. Another great way to adjust to the weather and still look fashionable is to change your jewelry. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry are earrings. I am not talking about diamond studs, I like colorful…whimsical earrings of all kinds.



All earrings are courtesy of J.Crew






Some of my favorite earrings this spring are:

ASOS Liars & Lovers Bright Tassel Statement Earrings $23.00



BaubleBar Caicos Pom Pom Earrings $34



Mango Floral Earrings $25.99



Kate Spade Citrus Crush Statement Earrings $98.00



J.Crew Embroidered Crystal Earrings $78



What are some of your Spring fashion favorites?


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INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY with a feature on All Things Hair

Happy International Women’s Day.


All over the world women are celebrating what #ADAYWITHOUTWOMEN would look like. Many have decided to strike by not going to work, marching or wearing red. If you aren’t able to participate in these ways….. let your voice be heard not just on this day, but for the rest of your life! How am I letting my voice be heard? I was recently asked by  All Things Hair to be apart of their tribute on “How Women are Expressing themselves Through Their Hair.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 3.07.49 PM

Here is a snippet of my thoughts……

“I’ve had natural hair for seven years. At first I was afraid of how I would look with short kinky hair. Being on this journey I have learned so much about who I am, and what my culture is all about. As an African American we are shamed into thinking our hair has to be one way and not embrace how versatile it actually can be. I am no longer afraid of who I am because as women, we are strong creatures who are a force to be reckoned with… we just have to believe and never lose our HOPE.”

Another way I’ve decided to be in solidarity with my sisters is to wear red. Red is such a powerful color! Its not too late. If you don’t have red clothing you can simple wear red lipstick.

Gingham Shirt (Zara) / Pants (vintage) / Bomber Jacket (H&M) / Sneakers (Vans)












My Love Letter to NYFW

Dear NYFW,

I fell in love with you at the age of 16 and my love for you has grown. We had our ups and downs ins and outs, but you have made me stronger, wiser and given me the confidence to not be afraid of who I am. You’ve embraced me with open arms and showed me what it takes to survive in this glamorous,  but not always world of fashion. I’ve learned that hard work and persistence can get you to the top if you never ever give up. If you decide to give up to keep going because there is always someone ready, willing and able to take your place.


I’ve watched the crowd in front of Bryant Park  and said “one day I will attend a show in The Tents.”  I would walk by to collect the free WWD everyday for 8 days rain, sleet or snow. I would read them from cover to cover and study the whose who. I would watch the the invitees outfits, take pics and study on what to wear and would not to wear. To go a step further I studied every single magazine masthead and knew who ran what magazine. I learned earlier on if I am going to work in this industry I had to know their names and what position they held. I would walk to the back of the tent and watch the celebrities and models go by. I knew not to cross the guards…..but others had the guts to. I wanted to enter in the right way.  Weeks later my entrance was becoming a volunteer. A fashion week volunteer was a big deal! Not only did you set up the shows, view the shows, got gift bags, but received a volunteer tee shirt!!!! Score. I volunteered season after season until it was time to move on to bigger.

Your name was “7th on Sixth” then Olympus Fashion Week.

Years later I interned for a TOP celebrity stylist, she couldn’t attend a show and told me to go in her place. EXCITED…..beyond excited. Excited was an understatement. I had already picked out my outfit and I was ready to go. I went to The Tents with the invitation in my hand and its like the pearly gates opened. I had arrived. I made it my business to carry my resume, design and printed my own business cards and said “hi” to every person that looked my way. I stood on line waiting to check in with Public Relations also known as the PR team. I told her my name and because I was not the actual celebrity stylist, but her intern I was given a standing ticket. Standing never guarantees entry into the show. I waited patiently. I took a seat in the back row my dream was about to come true. The lights dimmed, the music played and the models started to walk the runway.  In less than 10 minutes the show was over.  “That’s it?” The show lasted 10 minutes. 10 minutes. All that work designers do for months for 10 minutes. Shocked, but that was apart of the industry. I learned my 1st lesson. Its not about the length of the show, but what’s and whose on the runway. I stayed in the tents for hours. Took every single free item I could get and left. When I walked out the tents I said “someone is going to take my picture and they sure did!” Days later at work a friend called me frantically “YOU HAVE TO STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND PICK UP GLAMOUR MAGAZINE RIGHT NOW.” Much to my surprise I was a “Do” on the last page of Glamour December 2009 with cover star Rihanna this was just the beginning of our relationship.




Your named changed to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and now NYFW.

Interned, interned, interned and finally decided to go out on my own as a freelance Wardrobe Stylist. It took years before I received my very 1st invitation with my name on it. Once again NYFW you welcomed me with open arms. I got invited to more shows and bulit relationships with the PR teams. Season after season I was apart of the in crowd. I saved my money, shopped the the hottest trends to be worn during fashion week. Snap! Snap! Snap! Pictures were taken, but I never let it once get to my head. NYFW you have been good to me.

I followed you when you went to Lincoln Center, Moynihan Station, Milk Studios, Pier 59 Studios, Industria, Park Avenue Armory. I still follow you now that you’re at Skylight Clarkson Sq. I work for you, I work with you. My purpose is you. My name is Hope and I love fashion. I love this industry. It doesn’t always love me. How do I know, I don’t see me on the runway…or in the front row….or producing the shows or even part of the PR team, but my purpose is bigger than just the clothes. Its about Spreading Hope. It’s about giving hope to the hopeless. I’m not going anywhere and I can’t wait to see where we will go next. This is just the beginning.



To be continued………………………………………………………………….

Sincerely your biggest fan,

Hope Morgan


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In less than 4 days New York City’s air will be filed with fashions from our favorite and some new designers known as NYFW . Other than my birthday fashion week which is twice a year in February and September is one of my favorite times of the year. As a wardrobe stylist it is my duty to know and sometimes predict the trends months in advance.

During NYFW what does one wear? Their ultimate best. Believe it or not the goal is not only to attend the hottest shows, but to get snapped by a street style photographer! We miss you Bill Cunningham. I remember years ago when my picture was taken during fashion week and it ended up in Glamour magazine. I was ecstatic. “Look mom, I made it.”Want to see the picture? Check back on #tbt.

FYI: If you haven’t checked out the Zara sale you might want to go RIGHT NOW !!!

Dress ( Zara sold out ) / Earrings ( Forever 21 ) / Bag ( Zara sold out ) / Tights ( Betsey Johnson gift) / Shoes ( French Connection )










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Wardrobe 101: Plaid Outerwear

Living in NYC during the winter its cold. Like really cold. Many times its soo cold New Yorkers tend to just wear black clothing. Every so often you will see someone with a colorful coat. Fashion rules are now being broken and wearing multi colored clothing is now acceptable all year round. For example wearing white jeans after Labor Day or wearing a lime green fur coat on a snow day.

I am a big fan of wearing color!!! Yellow trench coat, multi colored fur …you name it. Not only does it brighten up your entire outfit it can change your current mood to a more happier mood. Our favorite basic brand American Apparel is downsizing and is now having a hugs sale. I received an American Apparel plaid wool top coat as a Christmas gift and it reminded me of a coat I once had and worn all the time as a kid. After trying on this coat I instantly started to put outfits together. When wearing a colorful jacket try to keep your outfit to a minimum of 3 colors that are featured in the coat or wear neutral colors like denim, brown and/or grey. To add an extra touch, add a brooch or two. The brooch featured is actually my mother’s. I’ve been “borrowing it” for years!

Plaid Wool Top Coat (American Apparel sold out online) / Penny Loafers (G.H. Bass) / Leather Tote (Madewell) /  Gold Star Earrings (Zara….sold out online) / Mother’s Vintage Brooch











Photography by Faith Brown




My Birthday

Over the weekend, Saturday January 14 to be exact I celebrated my 33rd birthday!!! I can’t believe how old I am and how far I have come. I remember being 13 wishing I was 21. I cherish every single birthday even more. I don’t want to be any older or younger. Well I would definitely relive some of my earlier fashion moments.

Every year I usually leave it up to my husband to plan the celebration, but I give hints on what I want to do. I never feel like he EVER listens to me (lol) so while in a mall one day I mentioned I would love to try one of these new paint and sip classes. Much to my surprise not only was he listening , but he surprised me with reservations to Paint and Sip Studio NY . The experience was one to remember !!





Now I’m sure you are wondering what did I wear? I said whether rain or shine I am wearing a black long slip dress, my favorite jeans and silver booties. Of course it started to snow extremely hard before leaving the house, but I didn’t care because it was my birthday!!! The dress I am wearing is by Cotton Candy LA and its suppose to look like this:

Being the stylist that I am I felt the dress was too simple for the occasion. So I went to M&J Trimming to purchase some ribbon. I then cut the ribbon in 6 pieces and tied it to the left shoulder of the dress. The dress was also too long for flats, I decided to cut the shoulder straps and simply tie them in knots according to the proper length. The straps look unfinished which went along with the theme of the rest of the dress. One of the hottest trends of 2017 will be wearing jeans under dresses which went perfect with my outfit. To pull the whole look together I wore my hair in 3 buns added NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Electromagnetic and NYX Cosmetics Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Halo .

Dress Cotton Candy LA / Jeans Who What Wear Collection / Booties Topshop / Earrings J.Crew / Denim Jacket Levi’s Authentic Sherpa Trucker Jacket /






Cheers to a new age!


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A Day In The Life of a Wardrobe Stylist

My birthday is this Saturday and to kick off the festivities here is my 1st published editorial  of 2017. As a Wardrobe Stylist I get to style models, celebrities etc. It’s not an easy job, but somebody has to do it. Its not work, for me its actually play. My first words were “shoes” so I was destined to be in the business of fashion.

I had the AMAZING opportunity of being able to style the definition of a #GIRLBoss Karen Civil for Ellements Magazine January 2017 Issue . Karen is a social media and public relations strategist who has been to the White House and is now honoring artist along side Forbes for entrepreneurship and philanthropy. I told you she is a boss!!!


What did I wear? When on set I always try to dress fashionably, yet comfortable. A lot of times, I have to kneel on the floor, sit on the floor or take my shoes off to not mess up the white flooring on set. The temperature on shoot day was 20 degrees so it was only right to layer and then remove clothing if I get warm. If you don’t know by now I am BIG on wearing denim! I wore a black cutout shoulder shirt and my superstar Adidas. Cute, comfortable and stylish.




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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!

It is January 1, 2017. We’ve made it to another year. I am always excited about the new year because my birthday is in 13 days!!! I don’t have any plans yet, but I am going to celebrate every part of that day.

With this new year I am going to focus on the things that make me happy. One of the things that makes me really happy is seeing my name. What do I mean? If I could take this sculpture home I would. I decided to kick off this fashionable new year with my favorite winter coat. Hot pink is my favorite color! Not only is this coat warm, but its one size too big which makes it perfect for layering. I HIGHLY recommend investing in a bright color warm dress coat that will last for years. You will not be sorry. #ThankMeLater

Coat (Paul Smith sample)





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